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Dealing with bank punishments to obtain loans

If there is a previous history to this thread in which more detailed information on existing amounts was already given, we apologize for asking: title loans eugene oregon

* From a loan amount of more than EUR 20,000, the bank statements for the last 5 weeks must be submitted

So the DKB account has been my second account for 1 year now, every month I transfer € 700 for active status and € 100 for savings. My question now is I want to apply for a private loan for debt rescheduling. But my salary comes first. Is that still the application? and does the DKB again query a Schufa ??

For days I have been thinking about whether to get a loan or this strange fee-free Mastercard with a high limit.

If it’s only about € 1,000, the overdraft facility would also be an option. In addition, the DKB would like to see a regular income.

Would the overdraft interest at your salary bank be very high? With such low loan amounts, interest rates are not that important. I would therefore use the overdraft facility.

The free Mastercard Gold is not suitable to bridge bottlenecks! It is good for cashless purchases. However, only with timely repayment. Take a look at the interest rates there!

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